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Instrument Fittings

S-S-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Union :
Union Tee - UT Reducing Union - RU
Bulkhead Union - BU Union - U
Union Elbow - UE Union Cross - UC
S-S-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Male Fitting :
Male Connector NPT - MCN (Imperial Series) Male Elbow NPT - MMEN (Metric Series)
Male Connector NPT - MMCN (Metric Series)
Male Elbow NPT BSP - MEB & MMEB
Male Connector BSP - MCB & MMCB
Male Elbow NPT 45 NPT - METN & MMETN 

Male Connector BSPP -

Male Run Tee NPT - MRTN & MMRTN
Male Bulkhead Connector - NPTNPT - MBCN & MMBCN Male Branch Tee NPT - MBTN & MMBTN
Male Elbow NPT - MEN (Imperial Series)    
   S-S-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings Tubes To Female pipe :

Female Connector NPT - FCN (Imperial Series)

Female Elbow NPT - FEN

Female Connector NPT - FCN (Metric Series)

Female Run Tee NPT - FRTN

Female Connector BSP/BSPP - FCB/MFCBBP

Female Branch Tee NPT - FBTN
Female Bulkhead Connector NPT - FBCN & MFBCN    
   S-S-Lok Twin Ferrule Fittings X Components :

Blanking End - BE

Front Ferrule - FF

Blanking Plug - BP

Back Ferrule - FF

Tube Nut - NU


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